Security Locks

For each security door with a safety key lock, we suggest replacing it with new lock technology.

The safe type keys took their name from their original use (that intended for safes). After some years they were built with security locks and keys of this type placed in armored security doors.

Because at some point all known locks factories used the keys of this technology, there was a development of disintegrator tools in various forms and concepts, in the extend that nowadays most keys of that type are being considered unreliable. The same happened with the "unbreakable spotted cylinders", the oldest of which nowadays can be broken in more than one ways.

Generally we always suggest the replacement of any lock systems in accordance with the new technologies, which in the case of large manufacturers are always one or more steps ahead of intruders and their methods. For this reason, you should always consult your locksmith.

Keymaster, with expertise and many years of experience can offer complete solutions: from the free visit and assessment of what you need in your place, selling at the best market prices, mounting, providing all required adjustments and accessories, safe cutting and sale of keys according to the manufacturer's specifications and legislation, to 24 hours configuration of the cylinder and the creating replacement keys of any type.

Here are some of our main suppliers to security locks.

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