We must give priority to the safety and quality every time we decide to use a padlock.

At Keymaster, having many years of experience and research we can offer products that can secure anything without having to spend a fortune.

In many break-in attempts, when the correct padlock is used, in combination with its right support, it has been observed that the used disruptive tools are destroyed and the robbery is prevented in the end.

When you decide to secure something you own, do not choose any solution; at least select branded solution, e.g. from one hardware store (branded and tested padlocks). The ideal would be to visit a locksmith, and after discussing your needs with the qualified staff, get the right answers on the type of lock, the degree of its security, its alloy, its maintenance etc.

Remember, that although some high quality padlocks are currently being produced in China, the same country produces many dubious products that do not even meet the minimum standards of safety.

Generally when you buy padlock to make Scots: The Scots are saying: "We are poor people, we can not afford to buy cheap things". Saving 10 euros when buying a padlock can cost you 200-600 euros in insurance, plus all the money to get a good padlock.

So, be a Scots when you buy a padlock...

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